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Thoracic Oncology (Cancer) Program

Our Thoracic Oncology (Chest Cancer) program specializes in the diagnosis and management of various cancers involving organs in the chest like Lung Cancer, Esophagal Cancer, Tracheal Tumours, Mediastinal Tumours like Thymoma and Posterior Mediastinal Tumors, Mesothelioma Chest Wall tumours and other thoracic malignancies.
The aim of our cancer program is to provide an individualized treatment recommendation that is best for a particular patient keeping in mind best possible prognosis and the best possible quality of life. We collaborate with several experienced specialists, including medical oncologists, pulmonologists and pathologists thereby providing comprehensive range of services at a single place.

We offer

Diagnostic and Staging tests with Experienced Pathology Setup
Supportive care (Palliative Care & Pain Management)

Surgery ( Minimally invasive VATS/Thoracoscopic Surgery and Robotic Surgery )
Screening services- (Low-dose CT scanning for screening high risk individuals for Lung Cancer)